PSYCHOLOGY PSYCHOMETRIC EVALUATION This is an assessment for candidates from the field of psychology. The human pattern for each candidate will be stored for screening analysis in application towards the Faculty of Psychology and Education, UMS. Candidate's psychological elements will be further used for teaching and learning style configuration for a more effective and efficient education experience. It is in the best interest of candidate to not attempt to lie or falsify in this examination as it is easily detectable in the field of psychology. INSTRUCTIONThere is no right or wrong answers. Please give your most accurate response in each stated situation according to your personal style.

1. Nama/Name

2. No. Kad Pengenalan/NIRC

3. Sekolah (sekolah terakhir)/School (Last school)

4. Negeri/State

5. Etnik/Ethnic

Bumiputera Sabah/Sabah Native
Bumiputera Sarawak/Sarawak Native

6. Jantina/Gender


7. Umur/Age

8. Tahap Pendidikan/Education Level

Sekolah Rendah/Primary School
Sekolah Menangah/High School
STPM / Matrikulasi / Diploma/STPM / Matrikulasi / Diploma
Sarjana Muda/Bac. Degree

9. Status/Marital Status

Janda / Duda/Widow / Widower

10. Do you have a vision problem (except wearing glasses) ?


11. Do you suffer from speech problems ( stuttering or nasal) ?


12. Do you have a hearing impairment?


1. Co-Curriculum Participation (Before Entering University)

Tiada/NoneSekolah/School LevelDaerah/District LevelNegeri/State LevelNegara/National Level
Seni Pertahanan Diri/Martial Arts
Debat/Pidato/Debate/Public speaking

1. Association/Club Participation(Before Entering University)

Ordinary Member
Ahli AJK/
Committee Member
Penolong Setiausaha/
Assistant Secretary
Timbalan Pengerusi/
Deputy Director
Unit Beruniform
Persatuan Pelajar

1. Section A

Strongly Disagree/Disagree/Agree/Strongly Agree/
1. I like to get involved in any youth and community activities.
2. I like to get involved in any out-door activities.
3. I like to plan, organize and implement youth and community activities.
4. I like to organize program and conduct activities with children.
5. I like to work with special need children .
6. I think working with children and their family is an interesting job.
7. I am interested in learning topics related to employee-employer behavior in organization, organizational socialization processes, organizational culture and practice.
8. I like to get involved in activities related in planning, managing and organizing events.
9. I am willing to give full commitment in any activities related to this program (industrial and organizational psychology).
10. I like to offer a caring, understanding, and empowering environment for people.
11. I am a patient, dependable, organized, objective, resilient and driven person, great in communication and a good listener, able to identify what needs to be done and achieve it at any cost.
12. I am flexible and comfortable with working in an on-call capacity, so that I can respond to emergency situations
13. I do believe that sharing problem with other is very helpful
14. I have good heart to help others
15. I can listen to problems for many hours

1. Which figure is identical to the first?


2. Which figure is identical to the first?


3. Which figure is identical to the first?


4. Which figure is identical to the first?


5. Which figure is identical to the first?


6. Which group of shapes can be assembled to make the shape show?


7. Which group of shapes can be assembled to make the shape show?


8. Which group of shapes can be assembled to make the shape show?


9. Which shape can be assembled using all the individual shape show?


10. Which shape can be assembled using all the individual shape show?


1. Section C

Strongly Disagree/Disagree/Agree/Strongly Agree/
1. I accept responsibility for my reactions
2. I find it easy to make goals and stick with them
3. I am an emotionally balanced person
4. I am a very patient person.
5. I can accept critical comments from others without becoming angry.
6. I maintain my composure, even during stressful times.
7. If an issue does not affect me directly, I don’t let it bother me.
8. I can restrain myself when I feel anger towards someone.
9. I control urges to overindulge in things that could damage my well being.
10. I direct my energy into creative or hobbies.

1. Section D

Strongly Disagree/Disagree/Agree/Strongly Agree/
1. I enjoy interacting with people from other cultures.
2. I am confident that I can socialize with locals in a culture that is unfamiliar to me.
3. I am sure I can deal with the stresses of adjusting to a culture that is new to me.
4. I enjoy living in cultures that are unfamiliar to me.
5. I am confident that I can get accustomed to the shopping conditions in a different culture.

1. Section E

Strongly Disagree/Disagree/Agree/Strongly Agree/
1. I keep a high social profile
2. I am outgoing in groups of people even if I have not met them before
3. I am often the centre of attention in groups
4. I can be somewhat reserved when meeting new people
5. I feel more comfortable with people on a one-to-one basis than in groups
6. I am more reserved than outgoing in groups

1. Section F

Strongly Disagree/Disagree/Agree/Strongly Agree/
1. It is better to do a work without expecting any reward
2. If we are given power at school/university, it is better to use the power without personal interest
3. It is better to not abusing any valuable information passed on to me
4. I focus on the interests of others above personal interests
5. It is better to comply with the law all the time
6. I always make self-reflection on what I have done

1. Section G

Strongly Disagree/Disagree/Agree/Strongly Agree/
1. When you meet people, you feel uncomfortable, scared, and nervous
2. It is hard for you to make new friends
3. You prefer to keep quiet and never talk about yourself, even to your close friends
4. Are you scared if people say you are not smart, not pretty/handsome
5. You feel scared to start talking first to a new person
6. You think yourself as not so smart and not so pretty/handsome
7. You stay away when a group of people is having fun/playing together

1. Section H

Strongly Disagree/Disagree/Agree/Strongly Agree/
1. You are usually less happy and a bit sad
2. You feel you have less talent, less ability and have a less pretty/handsome appearance
3. You blame yourself for things that go wrong
4. You worry about things, that in the end it might not be correct
5. You find that your friends make you sad
6. You think everything in the world is more negative and bad
7. When you do wrong, you feel sad for a long time

1. Section I

Strongly Disagree/Disagree/Agree/Strongly Agree/
1. When a relationship (boyfriend/girlfriend) is going to end soon, you feel difficult
2. You hated someone very much before
3. You think you have something special that other people do not have
4. You had experienced spending so much money that you cannot pay back
5. You have hurt yourself before and thought about suicide
6. You have a lot of mood in one day (happy, sad, excited, and lonely)
7. . You feel like you have no meaning, no use at all in life

1. Section J

Strongly Disagree/Disagree/Agree/Strongly Agree/
1. You like it when you are the center of everyone's attention
2. People say you are a sexy and attractive person
3. You get very sad, and then later do not feel anything at all
4. People always look at you because of your cloths (fashion, dress)
5. When you see a new person, are you very quick/fast to know how the person is inside
6. There is a lot of drama and difficult things that you have experienced in your life
7. It is easy for people to tell you what to do
8. You are always very good friends/best friends with everyone

1. Section K

Strongly Disagree/Disagree/Agree/Strongly Agree/
1. You think your talents and abilities are very special
2. You know stories of successful people that showed power, beauty, money can be achieve a lot
3. You know important people, that only them can understand you and accept you
4. People always come to you for advice
5. When you fail to get what you deserve, you feel insulted, sad and angry
6. You can make people do things for you, like carry heavy things or even stop being friends with others
7. You do not care how people is feeling, when you ask them to do things for you
8. You think you are more successful and others are jealous of you
9. You think you are smarter, pretty/handsome, successful then most of your friends

1. Section L

Strongly Disagree/Disagree/Agree/Strongly Agree/
1. You spend a lot of time working on your schedules, plans or lists
2. You do your work and then re-do them again to get it perfect
3. You work so hard that you do not have time for friends or to have fun
4. You have a very discipline way that you must follow every day
5. You keep a lot of your old things because you are scared one day you will need them
6. If you want to do things your way, but people want to do another way. You will argue with them
7. You are very careful and always spend money as little as possible
8. You find it difficult to try new things or new ways of doing things

1. Section M

Strongly Disagree/Disagree/Agree/Strongly Agree/
1. You think people are always trying to harm, cheat, lie to you
2. You have friends that have been not loyal to you and lie when you trust them
3. You think it is better not to tell secrets; fear that people will use it back on you
4. You think people always have a hidden meaning that they something want from you
5. You feel angry for a long time and want revenge if people say bad things about you
6. You think people always try to attack you in what they say and what they do
7. You think and suspect your relationship partner (boyfriend/girlfriend) have cheated on you

1. Section N

Strongly Disagree/Disagree/Agree/Strongly Agree/
1. You enjoy being alone and do not really need friends
2. You prefer to do things by yourself
3. You think it is better NOT to have any relationship (boyfriend/girlfriend)
4. You find it boring in all the activities you have to do
5. You think it is ok NOT to have any close friends
6. If people say good things or bad things about you, you do NOT feel anything
7. You always show people nothing, no smile, no interest, no feelings

1. Section O

Strongly Disagree/Disagree/Agree/Strongly Agree/
1. You had experienced strange events before, like a sign from heaven or hell
2. You believe in superstition, that there is another world different from humans
3. You had experienced like there is something there like a dead relative or someone else
4. You think it is better to speak in symbol and different words to give more meaning and ideas
5. You know someone that has treated you unfairly
6. It is better to smile and laugh when talking about something sad and tragic
7. It is better to do things abit different and wear cloths/fashion that is different.
8. It is better to have little or no close friends to talk about troubles and problems
9. You feel uncomfortable when people try to know more about you

1. Section P

Strongly Disagree/Disagree/Agree/Strongly Agree/
1. When you are ask to do work, you feel it is difficult to start, difficult to do & difficult to finish
2. People always complain about me even when I have finish the work.
3. When you are ask to do difficult things, you complain and argue back
4. You think people with power (policeman, politic, teachers) usually do wrong to people below
5. You think it is NOT fair that some people are successfully and more lucky
6. You think it is NOT fair that you are not lucky but so many other people are lucky
7. You feel guilty after you complained that other people are more lucky then you